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Success stories of our athletes at the gym

Success Story // Katrina and Santana Smith

Success Story // Katrina and Santana Smith Gym members at Quiet Strength - Santana and Katrina

We love a good mother x son duo! Caught up with Katrina and Santana Smith for a few questions. What’s your favorite gym song? “Give Your Heart a Break” by Demi Lovato – Santana Anything by the Migos! -Katrina What’s your favorite gym movement? Bench press – Santana Back squat – Katrina What’s your favorite […]

Success Story // Amanda & Savanah Hauger

Success Story // Amanda & Savanah Hauger gym members Amanda and Savanah

Whats your favorite gym movement? Power cleans! -SavanahAnything but weights – Amanda What’s your favorite part about the gym? #FitFam! Great people What’s your favorite workout song? Classic rock 🎶 – AmandaHonestly, anything! – Savanah What’s your favorite post workout meal? Thai food -SavanahChicken fajitas – Amanda What would you tell someone interested in joining […]

Success Story // Teresa Moore

Success Story // Teresa Moore success story

Caught up with Mrs. Teresa Moore this week to learn a little more about her gym experience. Here’s how it went —How long have you been a gym member? I’ve been a member ever since QSHP opened and a client of Coy’s for 4 years.What’s your favorite lift? Sumo deadliftWhat’s your favorite gym song? I […]

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