Success Story // Katrina and Santana Smith

Gym members at Quiet Strength - Santana and Katrina

We love a good mother x son duo!

Caught up with Katrina and Santana Smith for a few questions.

What’s your favorite gym song?

“Give Your Heart a Break” by Demi Lovato – Santana

Anything by the Migos! -Katrina

What’s your favorite gym movement?

Bench press – Santana

Back squat – Katrina

What’s your favorite post workout meal?

Energy drink – Santana

Protein shake – Katrina

Share a fun fact about you:

I compete in the triple jump event – Santana

I was apart of my high school’s color guard team . -Katrina

What’s something you would tell someone interested in joining QSHP?

You’ll get the motivation as soon as you join! You’ll get addicted. – Santana

Just do it! Show up and try it. -Katrina

Thanks for sharing with us! Also, thank you for being apart of our fit fam. 💪🏾

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