Success Story // Liz Jager

athlete from group class

How do you feel about your transformation?

I have nothing but positive feelings about my transformation.  I am so grateful for the coaches that have pushed me to lift weights I never knew I could ever do.  It has been amazing realizing how much more I can lift when doing the movement correctly and having a coach and other members motivating me.  I have lost weight, increased muscle tone, built confidence and mental focus.  I am looking forward to crushing future goals and seeing how much more I’m capable of.  My transformation is not complete!

How long have you been at the gym?

June 2021

What have you noticed since you started at the gym?

Since joining the gym I have noticed my attitude about going to the gym has improved.  I look forward to seeing what the daily workout is and what I can accomplish that day.  Bonus round is my clothes fit better and my body is more toned.  I also feel stronger than I ever have, my knees don’t hurt going up stairs, my energy has increased, and I feel more confident knowing I’ve done more than I thought possible.

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