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QSHP strives to be the premier facility for health and wellness in Rock Island, IL. At our gym, we encourage our people, not the numbers. Our focus is not "How much you squat?" rather "How much can you squat well?". We pride ourselves on the quality of each class and strive to conduct every class, appointment, and relationship with respect and unwavering support for our athletes and coaches. We build our community with a positive attitude and desire to work hard. No one is "too old" or "too out of shape" or "too (whatever reason)" to be apart of our community.

Fitness, wellness, and an enjoyable quality of life that is driven by health and not a number on the scale. Through continuing education opportunities for our coaches and members alike, we endeavor to foster a passionate environment of curiosity and lifelong learning. At QSHP, we're in the business of helping people become stronger mentally and physically.

  • Phase 1

    First, we would get to know you and what your daily work/life entails.  This information is critical, as it helps us deliver a structure of content that works for your current knowledge on health and wellness

  • Phase 2

    A discussion of goals is next, with the desired outcome of directing you to one of our various fitness options.  By offering different tracks, we can ensure that you get going on your fitness journey with your best capabilities

  • Phase 3

    A fitness assessment is conducted, with emphasis on range-of-motion (ROM), efficacy/efficiency of movement, muscle endurance and intensity.  This helps our clients with motivation for the exercise program, and helps us determine risk of injury for any particular movement. 

  • Phase 4

    We will also document baseline numbers that we can also track over the course of your membership with us.  Tracking these numbers, as well as your nutritional goals, will aid in your overall progress, identify areas of growth, and highlight areas for improvement.

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Quiet Strength Health & Performance

We at Quiet Strength Health & Performance are dedicated to helping you move more efficiently, preventing injury, and improving your strength and your overall health. We offer group classes, personal training packages, as well as an online program to fit your health and wellness needs located in Moline, Illinois. 

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