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Whether you want to get an organized class or work One to One with a coach we have a program that can fit your needs

Group Classes

At Quiet Strength Health and Performance, we are always challenging athletes to establish goals, and our coaching staff pushes them to relentlessly pursue that goal. The programming, which features a balance of weightlifting, endurance training, metabolic conditioning, and plyometrics, are a great blend to for our athletes of any age and skill level to become the best versions of themselves. If you are new to the process of working out or class training, you have no need to worry! Our coaches are very adept at providing the best instruction, and we have many amazing people in classes that will encourage you throughout your fitness journey

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Health & Wellness

As a health coach, I serve as my clients Guide as they learn beneficial habits in nutritional science, behavior modification, and exercise science. We have been trained to help my clients achieve better consistency which has resulted in them enjoying better health. We have coached a wide range of clients including new moms and retirees and specialize in helping busy professionals. Our goal as your Coaching Staff is to help you create the behaviors that can get you to your desired outcome. No matter what your fitness level is, we can help you find your way back to strength with the proper exercise program that will keep you feeling motivated, inspired and accountable! It is our desire to help our clients look at the whole picture, and not just value exercise alone. We want to encourage them to take on all the pillars of health success. Each one of these are equally important:





Personal/Online Training

1-on-1 coaching experience.  We provide instruction on enhancing  movement quality, powerlifting, Olympic lifting instruction, and conditioning work. Athletes will learn safety, followed by efficiency, and finally intention when it comes to movement quality.  This method will continue to provide a great path for our clients to achieve their respective goals.

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Quiet Strength Health & Performance

We at Quiet Strength Health & Performance are dedicated to helping you move more efficiently, preventing injury, and improving your strength and your overall health. We offer group classes, personal training packages, as well as an online program to fit your health and wellness needs located in Moline, Illinois. 

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