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Why you should be careful believing everything you see from instagram fitness influencers

      This picture highlights the deception and honesty of what the body can really look like. It’s also awesome to see someone ‘pull back the curtain’ and show how the body can really look, especially after something like pregnancy. I’m sure I’m not telling you something you don’t already know or even experience, […]
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variety of proteins that you can eat

A good article on why prioritizing protein can help you feel fuller for longer

This article is important, because it describes two things that work – prioritizing protein to feel fuller for longer(which is important to creste a hypocaloric state for weight loss) and eating slowly to prevent the accidental increase of calories. Both take time to develop and are definitely skills, which you will always be working on! […]
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Rock Island Gym QSH&P

Do You Fall For it

I’m here to warn you about 5 fat loss myths that most people fall for. This might come across as a soapbox rant, and for that I apologize, but trust me when I say that this is a message that needs to be spread. Your fat loss depends on it.  Don’t waste your time on […]
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